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  • Appreciation for Funeral Services Thank you so much for officiating the funeral ceremony of my daughter and sister Angela in such a beautiful manner. It was a well-organized ceremony that reflected the personality and character of our beloved Angela. The entire ceremony was delivered in most appropriate manner and the entire Smallwood family really appreciated the efforts and endeavors put in by the entire McPherson funeral organizing team. This letter is just a remark of appreciation for the meaningful and appropriate tribute given to Angela during her funeral ceremony. This funeral and committal could be organized only by your cooperation and we would always be grateful to you for helping in this entire ceremony. The caring and sensitive way you organized the memorial ceremonies and humanist committal is really commendable. The heed you shown in negotiating the entire ceremony really impressed me and my family. Everything was planned well before and we really liked the detailed way used for scripting the entire proceedings. Most of the people who attended the ceremony including ones with strong religious belief appreciated the ceremony and other related arrangements. Karen, all this could be possible only by your complete involvement and you actually guided us thoroughly during the entire process. Your suggestions were most fitting and we could actually complete the ceremonies with all our desires. It was great to have someone as trustworthy as you during the most sensitive phase of our life. Thanks for everything!! Sincerely, Cynthia & Iris and the entire Smallwood Family
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    Cynthia Smallwood & Iris Jenkins, July 11, 2017

  • Excellent Service How does one begin to express heartfelt gratitude? Is it as simple as saying "Thank You"? For us the (Smallwood family) we feel it should be so much more. We cannot find words that are eloquent enough to explain our gratitude for arranging for our sister (Angela Smallwood's final journey home. From our first meeting we felt truly blessed to have been in the caring hands of the McPherson Funeral Home. Throughout the process, your non imposing way of handing difficult decisions with grace and understanding gave us all great comfort and we witnessed an unwavering respect given to our family. We cannot thank you and your excellent staff enough for that. Some of my Church members were admirably impressed, as was the rest of the family and friends during what seemed like an outpouring of accolades given for the professionalism displayed by the McPherson Funeral Home throughout the entire process. Love always with the love of Christ, Smallwood Family
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    Cynthia Smallwood

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